Voces de la Palabra

Hosted by: Tierra Theatre Group

The event will start on: 07 Dec 10 19:30

And will end on: 07 Dec 10 21:00

At Bolivar Hall

54 Grafton Way , London



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Prices: £12 / £10 online / £8 concessions (online bookings from Tierra Theatre website)

This play is the result of an experimental work in wich texts originally written in prose have been adapted for the theatre with live music. There is a minimalist and aesthetic concept behind the staging, to heighten the actor´s actions and expressive possibilities, the emphasis is therefore on the actor, not the theatrical special effects and the live performance is valued in the same way as it used to be for narrators and storytellers.

There are historical voices, the voices of conquerors and revolutionaries and of silent observers. These texts enable the play to find voices full of contradictions and rich in the certainties of revolutions, love, passion and conquest. (Based on texts by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano)


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