The event will start on: 11 Nov 10 19:45

And will end on: 11 Nov 10 22:00

At Oval House Theatre

52-54 Kennington Oval , London

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Discover the very best UK-based Latin American theatre makers and tell us who you want to see at next year’s CASA 2011 Latin American Theatre Festival!

We’re giving six Latin American companies and/or artists who live and make work in the UK the chance to share a new project with you! Each company has 15 minutes to inspire you, to delight you, to move you with a new piece of work.

Then it’s your turn as we all move to the Oval House Theatre Cafe where you’ll have a chance to tell them (and us) exactly what you thought over a Latin American drink or, for the shy or very critical amongst you, anonymously through secret feedback forms!

Once we’ve seen the pieces and heard and read your comments we’ll pick a winning company who we will support throughout 2011 with a view to producing a full length show at next year’s festival.

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