Hosted by: different Video Artists

The event will start on: 20 Nov 10 13:30

And will end on: 20 Nov 10 18:00

At Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Road , London

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From the late 70’s, Colombian artists have been using new media to create alternative ways of expression but it is only until the 90’s that the category of video art was established, which is why we feel very strongly about opening a space that allows diverse voices of artists and video makers to express themselves within their own context.

The programme will present three levels of video-artists: established, well known and emerging talent. The themes that will be explored are those of body, memory and identity. The process of selection is currently undergoing. It will also feature talks and discussions that will serve to better illustrate and educate the audience about the content, means of production and context of the work.

There will be three slots of screenings of work selected divided in three categories each of them of about 45 minutes to one hour of length. After the screenings there will be a presentation by an expert on the field and one conversation between a Colombian expert and one other interviewer, each of them of 30’ to 45’ including questions from the audience

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