Festival of Ibero American Literature

La buena mesa

Hosted by: II ACALASP

The event will start on: 12 Nov 10 20:00

And will end on: 12 Nov 10 22:00

At London

London ,


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La Buena mesa: Spanish and Latin American Gastronomy with José Pizarro
What better way to conclude our celebratory week than with a tasting with Spanish chef José Pizarro? Join the internationally acclaimed Pizarro as he guides us through Spanish and Latin American gastronomic history by way of a tasting menu s
pecifically created for Foyles customers.

Availability for this event is limited, so please do reserve only if you are certain you will be able to attend.
Tickets for all events are free, email events@foyles.co.uk to reserve a place.

The Gallery at Foyles, 113-119 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0EB

ecifically created for Foyles customers.

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